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Sin-Zau Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of seaweed, owning ” 海輝 ”(Hi-Hui) & ” 山林 ”(San-Lin) brand. Distribution of products are various, such as seaweed, kelp (kombu), sushi seaweed sheet, special algae .... All products with the pure quality,can be described as the "sea treasure", natural materials from the sea, full of nutrition, regarded as a leader in the healthy food movement. It's the most popular and the best choice for vegetarians.

Sin-Zau Enterprise Co., Ltd. runs its business for many years, gathering the seasonal fresh seaweed from the sea in Asia.With advanced equipment and skilled technical, Sin-Zau manufactures into various types of algae and seaweed productsto meet the demands of the market and to make our consumers have high-quality and satisfying food .
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